How to Surprise Him on His Birthday

How to Surprise Him on His Birthday
by Katarina Kovacevic

If you’ve been with your man for a couple of years now and are struggling for birthday gift ideas, you’ll want to listen up. We’ve come up with a few suggestions that go beyond the typical CD or power tool. He’ll he so pleasantly surprised that he may even give you something in return!

Tell him to go home
When’s the last time he hopped a flight and went home to visit his family and friends? If you really want to get to his heart buy him a plane ticket home. Better yet, get him a gift card or ticket voucher for an airline so he can make the trip work around his own schedule. Put it into a birthday card and tuck it into his underwear drawer for an extra little surprise.

Step outside of your comfort zone
Sometimes we have to do things we’re less than thrilled about for the people we love. Has he been bugging you to attend WrestleMania with him? Does he constantly drop hints about how “awesome” it would be to go rock climbing? To make his special day extra special, tear down one of your personal barriers and take on an activity he’s always wanted to try. It shows him that you really care about his interests.

An honest cliche
The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach — it’s no lie. If he’s working on his birthday, try whipping up his favorite lunchtime snack (for two) and bring a pseudo picnic to his office. It’ll be a nice break in his busy work day and some extra one-on-one time for the two of you.

Nurture his nerdy side
If he’s been obsessed with Star Wars since he would talk, buy him the collector’s edition box set. Or if he’s into bird watching, take him on an expert-led hike. No matter what his quirky hobby is, do something to show that you appreciate every side of him. It’ll remind him that you really do know him better than most people — assuming he doesn’t share his obsession with Harry Potter with the world.

Get naughty
Doing something sweet and sentimental is very romantic but there’s nothing like getting kinky to celebrate a special day. Turn your bedroom into a personal spa, complete with a hot bubble bath and scented oil. After a dip in the tub, take turns giving each other a long, intimate massage and see where the evening leads…

Take on his chores
Give your sweetie the day off by taking on his to-do list. Get his car washed, trim the bushes (or try to, at least), mow the lawn or make dinner. No matter what he’s got going on, do your best to chip in and let him focus on a day for himself. After all, women aren’t the only ones who need a little personal time.

Throw a party — and leave
Invite all of his best guy friends over for a night of cards, beer and sports (or whatever they’re into). Set the poker table, whip up a night’s worth of snacks, and have them arrive 30 minutes before your guy is scheduled to get home. Once you’ve done the whole “surprise” thing, kiss him good-bye and head out for a night with the girls. He’ll appreciate the night with the guys and the fact that you are willing to give him his space.



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